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Disaster sriking my pelargoniums!

i have managed to keep these plants for about 5 years and they have thrived. However over the last 3/4 weeks they have been literally falling apart. Yellow leaves followed by stems breaking off! I wondered if i had over watered so let them dry off thoroughly before watering again. But to no avail. Could it be vine weevil, but would they attack all 6 plants?
 The pictures i have posted show the plants where i have removed the dead leaves hence the reason they look so sparse!


  • They look thirsty and starved to me!
    In a hot spot like that with lots of reflected heat they will need more water than in cooler places and they also look desperately in need of repotting - into some decent compost.
    I use John Innes No.3 with about a third multipurpose for mine and they do appreciate an occasional feed when in full flower.
    I would water, wait for them to recover a little, then repot. Hold the feed till next year, as they will slow down as winter approaches.
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 77,347
    I agree ... pelargonium leaves redden when the plants are stressed, usually by drought and/or starvation.  
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