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Sad about my patio...

What was once a vibrant, colourful place full of life now, not for want of trying, is now dull and decaying. And it's happened over just the past couple of weeks...

* I've had to pull up one of my Celosias as the leaves had all browned and the flowers were facing and limp. The other is going the same way.

* One of my Cosmos has given up the ghost and looks like it's on its last legs. The other is not far behind.

* My new Acer is losing all of its leaves.

* My baby Kojo-no-Mai has blackened tips and moss growing on the soil with a mouldy fragrance about it.

* My Gooseberry Bushes were destroyed in their entirety by Saw Fly Caterpillers.

* All my Lupins (grown from seed, two months old... My first ever) were eaten over night.

* Even my Passiflora has yellowing leaves.

I know Autumn is on its way, but, sadly, it seems that my patio now gets virtually no direct sunlight. It's not shady, just no direct sunlight, and quite a number of my plants are suffering for it. Thankfully, my Jasmine is doing just fine, for now... And the Ivy  :|

Am I being too dramatic? I can handle the annuals dying off early, but am worried about the others. Anyone else experiencing early die off?


  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 Posts: 5,150
    My patio is on the shady side (facing north) and it's starting to show signs of Autumn. There's a yellow tinge creeping around the edges of the hosta leaves, they will soon turn that lovely shade of gold 😊. 

    I think the heatwave has done for my little acer, went crispy in July and no signs of recovery. Happy that ferns remain lush and green and heucheras in purple and lime green are giving a welcome pop of colour.

    Hardy fuschias are still putting on a good show and I've left the seedheads on clematis 'etoille violette', now down to its last bloom 😢.

    I'm still learning what works for my shady side, everything's growing in pots which I like to shuffle about. I find that deadheading the annuals keeps them going that little bit longer😉.

    Don't feel too disheartened, the change of season can bring some lovely colours. It's finding the right plants that's the tricky bit. I took inspiration for ideas from Joyce21 and Fairygirls photos of their shade loving plants.

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