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How much well-rotted manure?

linzijayne74linzijayne74 Droitwich, WorcestershirePosts: 153
Hi there.  Yesterday I bought a small Standard Hibiscus Tree.  I shall likely be putting it in a pot so I can take it indoors in Winter if needs be.  I'd like to add some well-rotted manure to help it on its way and promote healthy growth but I'm not sure how much manure to add to its planting hole?  And should I mix it in with compost, please?  Many thanks in advance.  :)  


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 10,382
    I have a 5 year old one in a pot which is showing buds for the first time this year.  It's in 75% John Innes #3 mixed with 25% well-rotted manure with a couple of handfuls of grit added to help ensure good drainage.  They need a lot of watering once in growth and (like most plants it seems) shouldn't be allowed to dry out or become waterlogged.  Since planting it, I've read that they are quicker to flower if grown in wider shallower pots than if in deep ones.  As yours is a standard, a wider pot would also help with wind stability.
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  • linzijayne74linzijayne74 Droitwich, WorcestershirePosts: 153
    Hi Bob.  Thank you so much for your reply; it's really helpful.  I didn't know about the wider/shallower pots element, so I will bear that in mind too.  I'm pleased yours are showing buds; I hope you get plenty of flowers!  Thank you ever so again, it's much appreciated.  :)
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