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New Acer not very happy...


My new Acer of three weeks seems to have a great deal many leaves shrivelling up and dying. It doesn't get much direct sunlight, although does get a bit of morning sun. It's had plenty of water, and any shock from transporting should have passed by now. I'm reluctant to re-pot it at this point, unless maybe that could be part of the problem?


  • For all you know,  it may have spent all its life in a polytunnel and then you come along and it suddenly has to cope with wind, rain, fluctuating temperatures and even sun!
    Have you plunged the pot in water, in case the compost has got too dry at some point and won't absorb the water you give it?. If the pot looks small for the size of plant it will probably be worth repotting it, but you may not see much regrowth if it has decided that autumn has come early. Keep it somewhere sheltered from wind and sun for a while and cross your fingers :)
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