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Salix Flamingo

Leaves on our Salix Flamingo are drying out and turning brown, newly planted early this year and generally thrived well. It has been well watered and is in a large pot. Could this be due to excessive heat we have encountered this year, or is it shedding old leaves for new growth!


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687
    If you are planting in a pot, it is very easy for the plant to dry up, even how careful. It's very likely your plant has suffered in the hot dry summer and may be shutting down early. It's been a tough year for many shrubs, but mainly evergreen shrubs, so you should just continue to water it and see what happens next year.

    Normally, you can tell if these shrubby trees have died back, the branches become very brittle and break at the slightest bend. So try that in late autumn to see how they feel then.
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