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vegetables to grow over winter

what vegetables can grow over winter ? 


  • Sow Broad Beans ... variety 'Aquadulce Claudia' in late October/early November ... they are very hardy and need no protection from frost or snow and will give you a crop in May/June well before the dreaded blackfly aphids can attack them.   :)

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  • Autumn sown garlic can also be planted from the end of this month.
    Too late to sow now, but to be ready for next winter, these can be left in the ground and harvested over winter: leeks, parsnips, late carrots, winter sprouting broccoli, savoy cabbage, kale.  I'm sure others can add more.  It does take some planning to sow the seeds at the right time and have space available when they need planting out.
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  • Chard is a biennial, so any plants you hve now will continue cropping until they go to seed next year. Mustard greens can be overwintered( but the slugs ate all mine)

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  • I have chard,spinache, broccoli, there will be a few lettuces (covered by cloche later)
  • Many of the oriental saladings grow well in cool weather as Nanny Beach says lettuce such as winter density will grow with some protection. Too late to sow but if you can find plants Kale, spring cabbage, & even leeks might work though it's getting a bit late for them.
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