Pumpkin ripening

Am wondering if anyone can help. I have a number of green/orange pumpkins that I'm growing for a wedding decoration on Oct 6th and would love them to all be orange. How long is it likely to take them to ripen if I cut them now(with a bit of vine) and place in a sunny conservatory. I have 5 weeks to go and don't want to get it wrong!


  • VegplotmummyVegplotmummy East MidlandsPosts: 96
    If you cut them from the vine they could still take several weeks to ripen. You will also have the added stress of making sure there is enough air flow in the conservatory,  you would need to keep the conservatory at a relatively set temp, the chance of rot/mould and also you will need to turn the pumkin. They ripen from direct sunlight.
    If you leave on the vine... You could cut any leaves around the pumkin off that stop direct sunlight. Less likely to rot if you have placed cardboard under the pumkin. 
    I would leave them on the vine for longer, you might find that most of them will have turned orange by the time of the wedding and any left will be stripy. Would add a bit of naturalism to your display 😊
  • Thank you - that's really helpful! Have cut a couple of the greenest and am trying to ripen in the conservatory. Have a dehumidifier on hand. Fingers crossed! 
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