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Will Homebase live or die



  • AnniDAnniD South West UKPosts: 10,816

    Homebase has always been a terribly expensive ghostly store 
    That is a very good description of our store as well , it can be a bit like the Marie Celeste. As you say, not my first choice for plants or gardening stuff, it's only the fact that it's just down the road tha makes me call in at all.
  • a1154a1154 Sunny South Scotland Posts: 1,021
    I went went to mine today and I’ll always buy plants if there is anything good, but there just isn’t. They have a range of plants in that should have been in in May, not September, plus vegetables it’s too late for, plus the usual selection of large expensive grasses which aren’t hardy. What’s the point? The selection of garden ornaments is the oddest stuff, gnomes wth paintbrushes and saws, who buys that? 
    The buyers are clueless. I’m not a big fan of b&q but they seem to know what time of year to get stuff in. 
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