Garlic Varieties

TraTra Posts: 29
With Autumn approaching I was wondering what garlic varieties people will grow. Last year I planted Germidour and Cristo and Casablanca and got good yields and very tasteful garlic bulbs! Has anyone tried ay of the Wight varieties?


  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,809
    i've planted a couple of different varieties, Solent Wight is the best i've grown in the North East of England
  • My main crops will be elephant garlic. I dot them about all over the garden. I grow them for the foliage and 5ft flower stems though, not to cook. If you pull the flowers off before they fully form, the bulbs grow bigger than the palm of your hand. The taste of them is mild like a cross between leek and garlic if that makes sense. Delicious roasted!

    But me personally I just love the giant puffball purple flower head it grows and the leaves are almost as large as sweet corn, only without the waviness. 

    I will also grow whatever garlic is on sale at the garden center. I'll eat these, but my main purpose for growing them is to put slugs off. I dot them all around vegetables they particularly like, along with chives, maybe few onions. Seems to work really well. 
  • RubyRossRubyRoss Dublin, IrelandPosts: 52
    I grew Early Purple Wight, but they were small so will try a new variety this year. 
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