diy paving slabs vs diy gravel bound resin pavement

siobhan.griffiths84siobhan.griffiths84 lytham st annesPosts: 12
we have been redesigning our garden 82ft by 45ft we done most of the work but i’m finding it hard to get information on the best offer or price for diy resin bound gravel or diy rapid set concrete - i need to get this finished so i can enjoy my garden and so my parents can relax in the garden with me they are disabled so it needs to be level as much as it can be i’m on a tight budget so any advice ideas or anything of help would be appreciated 


  • ZeroZero1ZeroZero1 Posts: 564
    Concreate looks really tacky after a while and can easily crack. Also, you say "level" but you actually need a run off, so water does not sit. Your post does not actually have any questions? 
  • DyersEndDyersEnd Posts: 730
    It's going to be hard to find someone on here who has experience of doing both and getting either wrong could be disastrously expensive. Personally I'd save up and get it done by professionals.
  • siobhan.griffiths84siobhan.griffiths84 lytham st annesPosts: 12
    i understand a run off but it needs to be accessible too as i said my parents are disabled therefore there’s a need for it to be level as such i was looking for information and advice of the best product i can use to finish said project which i did mention in my first post but thank you for your thoughts on concrete i kinda agree too any other ideas or advice from anyone would be most appreciated:)
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    I have had the resin done and don't think it's possible to do it yourself. It is a major job and hire of resin mixer plus right size gravel would cost I would think. Resin verses concrete I would say resin every time, resin is porous so no icy path, for walking on it's the best.
  • siobhan.griffiths84siobhan.griffiths84 lytham st annesPosts: 12
    thanks dyersend and purplerallim everything i’ve done i’ve done myself as i’ve been renovating my house and garden for my parents to live with ease and relax out. i’m not one to give up but your advice might be the only solution mich appreciated:) 
  • hogweedhogweed Central ScotlandPosts: 3,960
    You don’t say how big an area you are hoping to cover. That will have a bearing on price. And your ability. Are either parent in a wheelchair? If not, consider gravel. Much easier to lay yourself and no slip hazard. 
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    Resin bound gravel is porous, however not a diy project. I suggest asking for a quote from someone who has done a lot of installations, and inspect their previous work first.
    Concrete will need a runoff slight slope, and will be slippy in icy conditions.
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    There was an implied question at least in the subject topic.  Which to go for, paving or resin bonded gravel?  As has been said, resin bonded surface isn't something you would be able to do yourself whereas paving potentially is something you could ootentially do for yourself.
    Even laying paving isn't a quick or simple job if it's going to be done well.  It will need to be level, as in not up and down all over the place, but will need a slight 'fall' away from the house to allow water to drain off.
    Gravel is a possible option and may be cheaper but again, it's not simply a case of chucking a few bags of gravel down.  It still needs a good firm base first or it will not last. 
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 58,379
    And if gravel is not 'bedded in' it can become a loose and dangerous surface ... my fit and strong farmer brother broke his leg slipping on loose gravel 
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