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Ginkgo Biloba tree Advice...

Hi all,

In my front garden which isn't very big, there is a lovely Gingko Biloba Tree, if that is the correct name for it. It is planted in the flower bed next to a wall. It was there when we moved in and is growing increasingly big.  I have been told that it could damage the wall
and may grow too big! I want to keep it but don't know what to do for the best! Do I cut it down a little or will this ruin its look? I don't have anywhere else to plant it really. Any help will be appreciated? Many thanks 


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    You can prune the tree down smaller to control size, and it looks a good size to start pruning. You can start from late autumn right the way to the winter time, so plenty of time. You can prune off the lower sections to create a raised canopy if you want that, as that allows floor space for other plants in the border. 

    Try to keep within their natural shape which is a pyramidal shape when pruning down. You can thin out some branches if you feel it's too congested.
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