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Aftercare for Gladioli

For the first time I planted Gladioli 'bulbs', or is it 'corms.' Most of them came up & I had a great display of flowers. The plants growing some 2 metres high.

My problem is I don't know what to do with them now? Once flowering has finished do I cut them back? Pull them up & overwinter in a frost free place? Or leave them in the borders?

Any advice would be most welcome.


  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 23,471
    As with any bulb they need at least 6 weeks for their foliage to do its work and feed the bulb or corm up for next year's flowers.  If you can, leave them in place and just dead head them then lift them when the foliage has died down and store in a cool, dry, frost free place over winter.  Alternatively water well then lift them now and pot them up so you can hide them in a quiet corner while the leaves do their thing and then store them in a frost free place as above.

    If your garden is sheltered, you could risk leaving them in the ground as long as they're not going to get water-logged in winter.
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