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Red mapleRed maple Posts: 195
I have a beautiful dahlia growing in a pot. Now I know it will need protecting from frost, and I know that the usual thing is to lift the tuber having cut the foliage down once blackened by the first frost. However, rather than doing this, can I remove the pot with the dahlia left in it into a frost free location ( I was thinking of putting it in my garage), and then put it back into the garden after the last frost? If this is possible, would it need minimal watering so it doesn't rot, but doesn't dry out?
Thank you for any advice.


  • B3B3 Posts: 15,945
    There is less chance of it rotting if you take it out of the pot. Either way, don't water it at all. Providing the tubers are firm and attached to the stalk, they will sprout again when you plant and water them in the spring.
    They are gross feeders so the soil in their original pot is likely to be spent.
    In London. Keen but lazy.
  • Red mapleRed maple Posts: 195
    Thank you, B3.
    I think I will lift the tuber out of the pot, let it dry out upside down a few days to remove moisture  and then store it in the garage in a paper bag, ready to repot next Spring. Does it need anything wrapping around it in the paper bag or will it be ok just to put it directly in there?
  • BILLYCBILLYC Posts: 70
    I grow Dahlias every year in about 40 pots which fringe my front garden. After flowering I cut them back to ground level. I realize the theory is to wait till leaves blacken with the first frost which is supposed to produce more tubers. But, with 40 pots I don't take that chance and the danger is if you wait too long for the frost there is a distinct possibility with cold wet soil that the tubers will rot. Once cut down I overwinter, left in same pots, under my carport, no greenhouse. I DO NOT WATER but leave plants to dry out.

    In the Spring I carefully remove tubers and discard any tubers that may have rotted. I then re-pot tubers in fresh compost with some growmore, blood fish & bone and, this year for first time, chicken manure and water well.

    I have been overwintering the same dahlias in this way for 10 years and never had a problem.

    Hope this helps.
  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 26,610
    I too lift mine with some soil on them and just leave the to dry. Mine live in the polytunnel just bunged up beside each other.
    I only pot mine up in Spring as they start growing. First come , first served.
  • RobmarstonRobmarston south walesPosts: 300
    I've done it.  I've moved pots of dahlias as they are into the garage after cutting them down and they've done fine the next year. I lifted them out of the pots in spring, dusted them down and divided them, then put them in fresh compost. I think the key is keeping them dry. I stored them after a good dry spell in late autumn.  I did lose one, one year though coz it rotted.  
  • Red mapleRed maple Posts: 195
    Thank you all for your replies.
  • Great advice. Thanks 
  • enilorac2enilorac2 Suffolk CoastPosts: 60
    Do you think this would work wi daffodil/tulip bulbs?
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