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Deep trough gardening

  • I've just bought a deep wooden raised trough, 180 cm long. I would like to grow edibles in this, and in summer have my strawberries off the ground. Can anyone advise if I can grow cauliflower, cabbage etc and what soil mix I use?


  • BLTBLT Posts: 525
    Congrats on getting a long raised bed.. You say its 180cm lomg but no width or depth..I assume its narrow. Strawberries can be grown in hanging baskets so why noy..    Growing Brassicasm well they take up a huge amount of space so you might only get say 5 cabbages growing to any size in there. Bearing in mind the cost of filling the trough with good quality soil, compost mix it would not be economical to grow that kind of thing..Why not plant someonion and garlic now and even some spring maturing carrots like Amsterdam forcing.. Then you would have something growing whilst your Strawberry runner plantlets grew over winter to a usable size..

    Good luck with this..I'msure most things will grow but its space that is at a premium.

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