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NE Scotland feral country garden - help!

mubbersmubbers AberdeenshirePosts: 2
I live in rural Aberdeenshire. Our garden is adjacent to cropped fields and open country side - very picturesque.

The only problem is that from the field borders and surrounding country side we are under constant attack from some pretty pervasive weeds which given the size of our garden I have totally failed to control.

At present the battle is lost:

Ground elder, Willow herb, wild grass (actually the worst of all the weeds!) Nettles, sticky weed, wild raspberries, broom, Maple tree saplings, Ivy etc. etc.

I've tried clearing areas for new beds using such stalwarts as industrial grade glyphos but success has only been temporary.

I'm set against using weed control membrane and bark etc as we'd quite lie to have Chickens again at some point in the future.

I am however considering a wild flower garden which I hope in some way would compliment the rural setting...

Any ideas and help appreciated :)


  • mubbersmubbers AberdeenshirePosts: 2
    I'm thinking about a bulk bag of wildflower mix. It'll swamp out some of the actual plants that are there but hey-ho!

    The council have covered an entire bank with these in Inverurie and it looks pretty good.

    Similarly blessed with wildlife so wouldn't want to do anything to disrupt that.
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