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Burried Path and soil for a lawn

Now in my little garden, and promise you won't laugh, I don't have many flowers, but I have a buried path...which the previous owner just took the paving slabs off the top and threw topsoil on, then grass seeds. Over the summer I get a nice path shaped brown section of grass surrounded by a sea of green. This week I am digging out all the rubble that was under the paving slabs so with luck next year a nice uniform green lawn. The question is, I now have to fill the space - what sort of mix of soil should I use? Just top soil, or a mix of soil / sand / compost / bricks and rocks (currently there is about 10cm of top soil under the grass, then the base for the path, so I have to fill in from 10cm down to 40cm under the lawn) Thanks


  • Dave HumbyDave Humby Posts: 1,070
    If you want a uniform lawn then the soil and sub-soil in the path area wants to be similar to the existing lawn. When you dig out the path you should be able to see what the adjacent structure looks like so try and replicate this when reinstating. If you put just topsoil down to the whole depth you may find your path line becomes more lush than the existing lawn so you'll have a similar problem to that you suffered this year but to the other extreme.

  • Thanks Dave, There is a distinct boundary between the top soil and the clay underneath, the overlap so I could try to match that, but I think the difference in levels between the bottom of the path base and the top of the clay layer isn't that much, 5cm maybe, I might risk a green / even more green lawn from the green / brown lawn
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