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Squash Problem

Hi All,

Does anyone know what these brown marks on my squash skin are? They get bigger each day. I can't tell if it is just superficial or if I need to remove the fruit before it infects others. No others have it, yet. I have looked at several sources, and all come up with different things!


  • We have grown squash for a number of years, but never had this type of marking on the skins.  Have you turned the squash or has it been facing this way the whole time it has been growing?  I ask because we usually put a piece of slate or similar firm object under our squash once they are half grown to keep the underside dry, to prevent them from rotting when we water daily, I thought this mark may be rot.
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  • Sal38leSal38le Posts: 4
    Thanks both. Yes, looks like it's pointing to some sort of rot. The squash is on a tile, and has the discolouration on top and underneath, though oddly not as much on the underside. I haven't changed it's orientation, just slipped the tile under it.
  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391
    When you remove the fruit (I would do it now) you may still be able to use the end section - keep slicing until any discolouration has disappeared. :)
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  • JanetlJanetl Posts: 31
    I had that on some of last years crop. I simply cut the peel away and any soft flesh underneath. As I happened to be doing a roast I threw the butternut in with spices etc, ate some and then froze the rest. It goes mushy but will do just fine in a soup. You can just boil it and freeze it too. I also dehydrated pieces, which I haven't tried yet as we had 12 very large butternut and we still have 1 more to eat!
  • Sal38leSal38le Posts: 4
    I have removed it and am looking forward to tucking in!
  • Womble54Womble54 Posts: 348
    My butternut squash had a similar thing. I picked them. The flesh was fine.

  • Sal38leSal38le Posts: 4
    The tights are genius :smiley:
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