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Spots on Peppers

Been away for a long weekend, and returned to find two capsicum plants in the greenhouse with spots on the fruit. There are brown spots on "Sweet Banana", which can in fact be removed by a thumnail, although you are effectively scraping the outer skin of the fruit, though this does indicate that at this stage the spots are somewhat superficial. There are black spots on "Bell Boy", which cannot be scraped off. In the second photo you may be able to catch sight of a slight stickiness on a leaf - there are a small number of leaves like this, but no sign of aphids. I have removed both plants from the greenhouse as a precaution. Basic question is what is this? And can it be treated or should I destroy the plants? Couldn't really find much on the internet (most hits seem to be from gardeners in the Deep South) so I am at a loss.


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