Purple Cotinus

hello, I have a large purple leaved cotinus which has been growing fine for the last few years. All the new shoots grew as normal but the leaves have started to turn green. the leaves on the edge of the shoots are still purple but the ones further down towards the main trunk are a different colour. I also noticed this is a garden centre that I visited yesterday. can anyone tell me why this has happened ???

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  • PosyPosy Posts: 1,416
    I would guess it's the stress of the very hot summer. You more usually see this when the leaves are short of light but that seems unlikely in a garden centre plant. My cotinus seems to have enjoyed the weather and is very purple and leafy.
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 2,604
    From what I have heard, leaves can turn more greener if they are in shade, so maybe the lower leaves have not been exposed to enough sun?
  • shazza 3shazza 3 Posts: 58
    thanks for your replies and sorry for such a late response, it's been a hectic few weeks. i think it's more likely that the lower leaves not getting enough light and probably too high a temperature because they seem to back to normal colour now. i think the plant had a big shock when we had some decent weather for a change !!!!

  • IamweedyIamweedy Cheshire East. Posts: 1,260
    I have a cotinus Coggyrias and I gave it a rather vigorous prune in early spring. It has been in there for several years now.  In is now looking very sad with no shoots . Could I have killed it or should l wait. There is a clump of several small branches at about 10 inches . I was looking at a video that showed giving it a heavy prune. Should I cut back lower ? It is Royal Purple variety. 

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  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 2,604
    I take it you meant this spring. In which case, be patient, I'm sure they will pick up soon, and start growing again. They do come into leaf quite late compared with some other shrubs, but they make up for it with being less fussy with conditions.
  • PosyPosy Posts: 1,416
    But it isn't Spring yet! It should be completely dormant at present.
  • Muddle-UpMuddle-Up Posts: 13,151
    I regularly think I've killed mine, but no, I haven't!  It doesn't begin to get new leaves until very late in the Spring, usually May, up here.
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