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Humifirst rooting activator

Papi JoPapi Jo Brittany, France Posts: 2,613

Hi all experts in cuttings, etc.

My Senecio vira-vira has been great for 2 seasons, but is now showing signs of decay. I do not want to lose it altogether so am trying to make cuttings.

I am not very good at getting my plant cuttings to root, so I thought I would better my chances with some rooting hormone. So went to my---small---local GC to get some of that "miracle powder", but could not find any on the shelves. The man said they no longer sold the powder but they had 2 products, in concentrated liquid form which claimed to be just what I needed. I bought "Hormone de bouturage Fertiligène 70ml". I think Fertiligène is the brand name equivalent to Miracle-Gro in the UK. Anyway, the active element is called HUMIFIRST, which is "concentrated liquid Humic and Fulvic acids derived from American Leonardite".

It seems to be a "bio-approved" product, so should be OK. I carefully followed the instructions and I now have a handful of my S. vira-vira cuttings sitting under a cloche, hopefully producing roots in the coming weeks. I'll keep you posted of the results in this thread.

Anyone knows this product and have used it with success?

Usual disclaimer, this is NOT an ad for said product. ;)
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