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so I have the opportunity of an allotment. I’m going to view it today, my worry is I won’t have much time to do it. He said it’s not been cultivated in a few years and would need clearing. I have 2 really young kids and Work part time. is it a bad idea and any one any advice starting out if I do go ahead? How many hours does everyone spend there roughly. I really want it! 


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    I think with two pre schoolers and a job, it will prove difficult. You will need to clear it and cover with cardboard/carpet until Feb ish then feed the soil ready to plant. Most of the guys on here seem to spend an hour or two dayly in the growing season. Hope this helps, I would love one too but am not fit enough.
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    It will take up a lot of your time ... and how far is it from home ... will you be able to just pop there to cut a cabbage or will you have to plan it (if I remember correctly planning things with small children can be tricky) ... if you're very keen do you know one or two others who would like to share it with you?

    And a neglected allotment will take up more time than taking over where someone else left off ....and the children won't want to go to the allotment with you if it's cold and wet and they'd rather be doing something else ......... 

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  • I have to admit I have never personally had this but have seen it on many occasions and usually after a lot of enthusiasm to start with in the year most plots are abandoned /given up.

    As said they need constant attention and a minimum of an hour a day really in the summer even if that's just watering.

    If you can spend the time they are great for getting out in the fresh air and all the benefits and excitement of growing your own.

    But If you can't manage an allotment have you some space at home where you could have a small veg plot. or even some pots or troughs you can grow vegetables in these just as well.
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    Depends what you want to grow really. I only have half a plot it's a five minutes walk away I work almost full time no young children but lots of older ones/ grandchildren etc. I manage half an hour to an hour every other day but I have lots of stuff in the greenhouse needs watering and of course this has been a difficult year. I love it. Do you have help clearing it? Maybe just to put down membrane for next year and I would definitely think about a greenhouse. It's up to you how you choose to spend your free time but give me half an hour watering the tomatoes over half an hour checking Facebook any day! That said I do remember those hectic days with little ones so don't take it on if it's going to be an extra thing to worry about! It does get easier as they get older so maybe stay on the list but move down a bit so if in a year or two one becomes available you could go for it then! 
  • It’s a 10 min drive so not too far. I have a good few things growing in my garden but running quickly out of room haha. Probably rushing into it. They did say they have a couple big plots left so I’m going to have a good think about it. Just don’t want to miss the opportunity, I’ve been thinking about it for a year that I’d like one, and heard there are waiting lists so I’m surprised this one has some available. Possibly I could have help but I don’t want to assume, 
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    I would suggest looking for a nearer one, if you want to go ahead. Some councils will rotovate a new allotment when you first rent it. It is great for the children to introduce them to nature, wildlife. Why not visit the allotment and ask others about it? 
    Maybe you could get a neighbour or friend involved? 

  • So I’ve been to visit it. They are quite but and need a lot of work and trees cut down (they didn’t say whether they would help With that or if I had to tackle it myself) and old huts pulled down as it was further back than what the plot was meant to be to them bring it forward. It was also a lot more than I expected (cost wise) I took a trip to another one hoping to catch someone. It seems a lot better and friendlier slightly smaller but that might be a good thing for now. And cost is what I was expecting. My daughter does love helping in my garden but gets bored easily, we were looking at the first plots and she was saying she was bored so not sure how I could combat that if she were to join me 
  • Quite big* that should say 
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