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Splitting tomatoes

hi I am sure someone knows but why are my toms splitting before they are really red? 


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 37,724
    There are two possible causes of tomatoes splitting Potty Lottie. One is fluctuating temperatures and the other is erratic watering. The last one is probably the most likely. If the tomatoes aren't regularly watered then the skins can harden. When the next watering takes place, the fruits expand to the point of splitting their skins.
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  • I keep finding tomatoes with split skins as well.

    The only difference is  I  find mine in my dog's crate! I finally caught him in action a few days ago, I think he thinks they are balls to play with.

  • Thank you. That is possibly the reason but as far as I know we are regularly watering but have had a deluge of rain too! I am watering every morning half a watering can per plant but we have had monsoon kind of rain too! Will keep an eye on it. 
  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,287
    I think you may be able to blame the rain.
    I had no split toms from late June until we had a huge downpour last week, then I got some split skins. A week later and no more split skins.
    But we had torrential rain again yesterday, and I've just noticed a few more split skins this morning.
    Mine are in the border in the g/house which is located on quite a large paved area with a slight slope for drainage and the tomato bed is in the middle, so the toms do get a lot of water when it rains

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  • cornellycornelly Posts: 970
    Ours are in pots in the glasshouse but still split, I blame the high temperatures.
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