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Frans Fontaine Hornbeam Hedge Spacing Advice

We are installing a pool and would like a tall privacy hedge to screen us from our street.  The width we would like to block is about 50 feet.  We would also like to plant a hedge on the side to screen our neighbors. (The arbs in the pic will be moved). We recently purchased 30 Frans Fontaine Hornbeams that are approximately 8' tall.  The info on the trees' labels say for hedging they should be planted a minimum of 5' apart.  I've seen pics of hornbeam hedges that look like they've been planted around 3' apart.  I like the idea of planting them closer than 5' so that we can have privacy sooner rather than waiting a couple more years if planting them farther apart.  But, can too close of a distance endanger the trees' health?  We have enough trees that we could possible do a double staggered hedge in the front only, but I can't find a single picture of this done with columnar hornbeams.   Also, what is the best pruning approach to get the best screening? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!


  • AJURAJUR Posts: 1
    Did you ever plant these?  If so, how far apart did you space them and how was the result?  I am planning on planting them 4 feet on center and holding them to a 3-4 foot width.

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