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Edges of Magnolia Tree leaves turning brown


A few weeks ago I received a Magnolia Denudata tree. It is over a meter tall but her roots were quite small, received her in a 9 cm pot. Her leaves one by one turn brown, well mostly the edges around. While we had the scorching heat and no rain at all I watered her every day in the last few weeks had the same symptom at that time and even now after we had some rains still older, would say not brown new leaves are turning brown at the edges. These leaves can be only fresh full size leave, and they still do it. She is growing better if she is watered, new leaves are coming. I have noticed that originally these type of tree specially the one I have got after seeing website photos practically do not have leaves left after all, mostly just flowers. First photo is the tree a week ago, the next one is the website where I bought from. Maybe roots are not so good yet to take up much water? She is growing anyway...


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391
    The flowers come first, in spring. The leaves start growing shortly after the flowers open, last all summer and then begin dying and drop off in the autumn.  Two of my youngest magnolias look like yours and one lost all of its leaves but has now regrown them - it was just the weather, as you suggest, combined with a very small rootball.  A 9cm pot is tiny for a magnilia tree.  I think it will grow just fine next year but it probably won't produce flowers until it is a few years old - it can take 10 years but some varieties will bloom in 3.
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  • Thanks Bob. Yes, the pot supposed to be 1-2 L but it was smaller than my pit drinking mug. The tree looks like growing, gets more leaves so hopefully will settle in nicely. I will make enquiry about the blossoming time and age at the website where I have bought her of.
  • Aubergines.
    I can never manage to grow these things! I have really healthy plants with loads of flowers that just drop off. How do I get them to fruit? Ann
  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053
    I assume you have repotted it into a larger pot?

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  • No, it is a tree which grows very high, quite a few meters tall, I think 10-12 m. I planted her out in the garden. She is hardy :smile:

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