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I hope this is in the right category. I have an asparagus fern which needs repotting as it's starting to grow roots out of the bottom of the pot. I'm struggling to find an indoor plant pot that a) isn't made of plastic and b) has a hole in the bottom. I'm trying to reduce the amount of plastic I use (hence a) and I don't like using outdoor ceramic pots because of their weight/chunkiness. I worry they will break the saucer they stand on or scratch the surface they're standing on. 


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 34,781
    Morning fayetowell and welcome to the forum. It is now possible to get biodegradable plant pots in reasonable sizes - depending on how big your plant is.
    You could always use terracotta plant pots too.

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  • Thank you. 
  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Third rock from the sunPosts: 34,781
    You are welcome.
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  • wild edgeswild edges The north west of south east WalesPosts: 8,242
    I use plastic pots inside the holeless ceramic pots. It saves having to have separate saucers and makes watering and re-potting easier especially for plants that go outside in summer. You can use self-adhesive cork feet on the bases to stop scratching. I have a ton of plastic pots though so I have to find uses for them. It also means you can recyle almost anything into a plant pot cover if you want to get creative or thrifty.

    I've found it easy enough to drill drainage holes into most ceramic pots though using a hammer drill and masonry bit. Make sure you've got a block of wood up against the place you drill to support it and don't push too hard.

    Your fern will like being pot bound apparently though so don't be too quick to upgrade it's pot.
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  • The plastic pot thing is what i have been doing until now. I'm always surprised my the amount of plastic being sold in garden centres and the likes of Homebase etc. I know they all sell the biodegradable ones too but they're usually much harder to find. Bit of a bugbear of mine! Especially given the nature of gardening, most gardeners I come into contact with are pretty respectful of the environment. Maybe the shops just haven't caught up yet.

    Thanks for the advice with the fern. I didn't know that, I'll hold fire for a bit. 
  • philippasmith2philippasmith2 Posts: 2,130
    I know you don't really want to purchase plastic pots for your fern but you can buy pots which are made from recycled plastics if that is any help.
  • ErgatesErgates Devon, east of ExeterPosts: 1,777
    I keep all the plastic pots that my new plants come in. I can then recycle them by using for jobs like repotting indoor plants, which then go into decorative ceramic outer pots. Could you get some pre used plastic pots from gardening friends? At least you’ll be reusing existing ones. Some garden centres have a box for customers to drop off unwanted plastic pots, and for other customers to help themselves to.
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