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Patio raspberries

last year I bought 3 patio raspberries. They are now very green & bushy & approx 12ins tall. They did not fruit this year. As there wasn’t any info on them when I bought them I don’t know if this is right or not. Can anyone advise please.  I have 2 in one pot & would like to repot one of them. Can anyone also advise when the best time to do this is please.

eileen 107


  • RubyRossRubyRoss Posts: 119
    I also bought patio raspberries last year -ruby beauty - and they fruited this summer. Were there no flower buds on your plants at all this year?
  • ZeroZero1ZeroZero1 Posts: 577
    edited August 2018
    Some raspberries - called ever bearing - produce fruit on the first year canes, but most raspberries will fruit on second year canes. Raspberries are pretty hardy. 
    My raspberries are in the ground and grow to 5-6ft tall. I hope your pot is big enough, make sure you feed them, perhaps with growmore or similar. Once established you can often get two crops a year, one through july and the next late aug
  • RaspberryKillerRaspberryKiller Posts: 156
    edited August 2018
    Maybe try a good feed in spring? Make sure to cut them back over winter, depending on the variety. Not sure what else to suggest. My Autumn Bliss are somewhere between flowering and early stages of fruit development. Not sure how they'll turn out, though... I think the heat got to them a bit.

  • Hi Ruby Ross, no there weren’t any flowers just healthy green leaves. Will you be pruning yours right back in the autumn.
  • Thankyou Zero Zero 1 & Raspberry killer for your help.
  • dannysondannyson Posts: 60
    Don't prune back..... apart from those that produced fruit this year (I know yours didn't) - patio raspberries - at least the one I've got  - will produce fruit next year from this years growth!
  • Thank you dannyson for your advice. I’ll do what you say.

    eileen 107
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