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new to composting

Hello fellow gardeners, I am fairly new to gardening but I am starting to love my garden and want to be out there every day! iv come across composting and started a compost heap in the corner of my garden. i really don't have a clue what I'm doing, so I just erected a little wooden structure to keep it tidy and started throwing bits and bobs in the heap with a little help from wiki step by step. However my heap just seems to be sat there all dry looking i add water and other water containing materials , any basic help will he much appreciated


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,739
    To be fair, lots of us have dry compost heaps this year.  give it time, mix your ingredients to you don't have too much of one thing in a layer, even if you leave it to one side for a bit.
    "Recycled beer" is very good if you have a gentleman who doesn't mind providing it. ( or stick it in a bucket , if you're overlooked then add )
    I'm sure you tube is full of videos of compost making.
    Give this a watch. All of Charles Dowding's videos are wonderful and a very reliable source of good information.
  • hey Hostafan1, thanks buddy... I will give this a watch right now :D
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