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Hi guys, I am new here, and recently undertook the landscaping of my garden..
I am coming to the tail end of the project and have recently sown the lawn with luxury wilko seed. 
It's come through pretty well considering the time of year, but there are noticeable patches and thinned areas.
I appreciate the time difference in seed germination and there will be more growth but due to the ever so slight dips and pooling when heavy rain or even watering occurs. I am considering adding a real fine layer of topsoil and reseeding with a more hardwaring seed, adding maybe that slight more gradient for water to run off.
Point of the thread is.. 
How long should I leave it before applying seed and soil?
Should it be left untill the first mow?
Is it a good/bad idea to add a covering of ryegrass/hardwearing seed over the top?
Would adding a slight gradient at this point stop water pooling?

The lawn is free draining with a deep bed of good soil and gravel channels leading to soakaway.

Thanks in advance, Dai


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  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,488

    The grass will thicken but I would be tempted to fork over the bare areas (which will help drainage), add sandy compost, some grass seed and then some more sandy compost to fill those areas out and keep watering the lawn. You have done well as seeded lawns can take a year or so to look good.

    Cutting the lawn - I would wait till it it looks like it needs it, longer the better but certainly you can cut it before then end of this month if you use the highest mower setting.

    If the water pooling continues then keep forking over the lawn and adding sandy compost afterwards to keep the lawn decompacted.

  • thanks for the reply.

    how deep should i fork the area? id use the same process as i did over the whole area isit? forking firming levelling etc?

    the pooling is only short term while theres lots of rain, or when i water. a  short time after it stops it disapears. I was thinking the pooling was due to slight dips in the ground.. Millimetres deep.and lack of clear gradient. if these dips were filled, maybe there wouldnt be notice pools

    should i use same seed or use a more hardwearing? 

    i have a young son, and really i should of used a harder seed, but want a lush finish

  • i should add this was seeded at the begining of the month

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