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Currently in the process of getting the hedges in order and in a shady (ish) spot below the mock orange I found this fruit thing growing on a fairly leggy plant.  Theres a few of them there and it the first time they have appeared.  I have no idea what it is - does anybody?




  • BerghillBerghill Posts: 2,826

    Quince. The shrub must be Chaenomeles japonica and those are the fruits. Not the true Quince which is Cydonia, but an acceptable alternative when making Quince jelly or Marmalade.

    Not ripe yet though!

  • I agree it looks like a quince yum yum fruits look like apples but are hard and smell of citrus yum yum in jam you lucky thing! I raid all the neighbourhood plants in autumn to make jam lol ( with permission of course)

  • MRweedsMRweeds Posts: 22

    Thanks Berghill.  I suspected that it may be a quince but I've never seen any that small before!  Quite cute though.  Will clear around it and see If I can get it more light.....

  • PeterE17PeterE17 Posts: 129

    Indeed, it looks like Chaenomeles.

    Herre's an easier recipe, for a syrup, when the fruit ripens.

    Half fill a sterilised jar with chopped Chaenomoles quince (discard the seeds, stems, bruises, etc).

    Fill up the jar with sugar (and put on the lid tightly...). Put in a dark place for two weeks or so, shaking the jar now and then.

    The sugar draws out all the sharp aromatic juice so you end up with a syrup to eat with ice-cream or to make into a hot drink.

    This is an Eastern European recipe that I found on the web, then lost again. I hope it hasn't been posted here before.


  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Mine fruited for the fist time this year, must be the right kind of weather for them, mine is about 5 years old.  There probably won't be enough fruits to make anything, but it's good to see them growing. 

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