Young Magnolia tree "Star Wars" not flowering

Hi all,

Any advise on growing a magnolia tree. I bought 2 years ago, from Notcutts, as a young plant. So wasn't expecting much in the 1st couple of year.
This year again, nothing has happened regards to flowering. Do they take a few years to produce flowers?
It's planted clay soil with mulch on top, in a north facing front yard. So it gets full sun in the afternoon and evening.


  • Fran IOMFran IOM Posts: 645
    Anyone knowledgeable about Magnolia trees to help @juniper4?
  • steephillsteephill Posts: 703
    I can only offer my experience. My small magnolia has been in for four years without flowering so far and it didn't put on much growth for the first three years. It is looking better this year so I am hopeful for flowers next spring if we get enough rain this autumn.

    Mine is on a north facing bank which does get a decent amount of sun. Rhododendrons planted elsewhere on the same bank at the same time have done much better so I think it isn't a problem with the site or soil, just a slow growing plant.
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