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Anthony Martin unidentified plant/tree?



  • sorry ,cross purposes .I was referring to the yucca that fidget seems to have also. ..Thanks.
  • I wonder could someone help me again re plant recognition?There is a conifer I rescued two years ago that had been dumped at the back of the garden,and a Japanese Maple (I think) that is twenty feet high.It`s leaves go purply in the autumn but which Variety is it?Anyone have a name.Thanks for your help.Incidentally anyone down here in Cornwall who has a New Zealand flax noticed the spears are shooting this year?Seems to be every other year here  in mid Cornwall.
  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 14,604
    The conifer maybe Abies koreana, although I am no expert.
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    Neither am I, but I was thinking the same. Can't identify which acer it is unfortunately.
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    I agree with Abies Koreana. The Acer just looks like Acer Palmatum, the Smooth Japanese Maple.
  • Wow ,that was quick .Thanks guys for your answers.I`m still discovering these things popping up in the garden.The conifer seems happy enough anyway since planting as a scrubby little 2ft object.It has produced cones two years running now.I`ll research the acer further.This year the New Zealand Flax is throwing up it`s huge spears again after a years rest.All the other plants I`ve seen are doing the same.(there are some at Newquay Airport)My variegated grass is growing strongly and the Hydrangeas have changed colour yet again.Seems to depend on how high the water table is.I live in the Clay pits area which has Lithium in the soil but the garden was built up by the previous owner with several feet of topsoil and a dry year results in a different colour to a wet one.
    Been a great year for early spuds,which I have been harvesting for 6 weeks.The addition of seaweed to the soil seems to give them a rich "jersey" taste.
    Kind of wierd growing brassicas in the same soil as Rhododendrons but somehow it all works.. Thanks again.
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