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Crocosmia and hebe

I have several crocosmia in my border that I inherited. (The orange flower variety). They have always performed well - probably been in the border about 20 years - but this year, as many of you have also noted, they have struggled during this prolonged hot spell, despite being watered, with many leaves and some flowers withering back and looking decidedly sad. My question is, should I leave them alone apart from continuing to water them, or should I pull away the dead and dying parts?
My second question is, does anyone know if the corms themselves should be alright for them to come back again next year, or is it a case of digging them up and planting something else. I’m reluctant to do that, as generally they are a plant that pretty much looks after themselves, and I like them!
I also have a  variegated, small leaf hebe in the same border that has also suffered somewhat this summer, and there are a lot of brown, dead patches within it. Shall I leave these alone in the hope that some new green leaves will shoot amongst them, or cut the dead away. The only problem is if I cut the dead patches away, it’s going to look decidedly odd, with bare patches amongst the healthier parts. It, too, must be about 20 years old, so quite well established, and also a plant I inherited.


  • Mary370Mary370 Posts: 2,003
    Re your Crocosmia............I also have the red one which I think i called Lucifer. 
    They are as tough as old boots.  I don't think you need to remove corms unless you want to reduce it's overall size.  I didn't water mine once during the long dry spell and it still flowered and I expect mine and yours will continue to flower for many years to come.  They are difficult to get rid of.
    Someone else will be along to advise you about the hebe. 
  • Red mapleRed maple Posts: 885
    Thank you, Mary370. I’ll leave them alone and see what happens.
  • Red mapleRed maple Posts: 885
    I’ve had a good look at the hebe this morning and notice that there are some green buds forming in amongst the brown so perhaps it’s perking up a bit. I will leave it as it is for now and see if it revives. It just looks a bit sorry for itself at the moment, but will continue to give it a good drink.
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