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Help with Magnolia tree leaves that are turning yellow!

In January I planted a magnolia tree (Red Lucky bare root) in a pot in Ericaceous Compost and kept it on the patio. It had been growing new leaves and seemed to be okay where it was. However with the recent hot weather we have been having I have noticed the leaves have started to turn yellow and brown (the photos in front of the red wall were from a couple of weeks ago and the rest are from this week). I have tried moving to the side of the patio where there is not direct sunlight.

Can anyone help with suggestions on why this is happening and what I can use to prevent this?



  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,284
    My established Magnolia soulangeana has been shedding leaves for the last week. It has been in the ground for 25 years. I turned the hosepipe on it. I see the leaf fall as a protective mechanism. As I remember in 1976, we had an early autumn and the leaves came off early.  If yours is in a pot, stand it in the shade, and keep it well watered. A saucer under will help, along with plunging into a large bucket for a soak if it has been alloweed to dry out.
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