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Larch tree needle drop

We planted a 5 foot sapling in March, it was cold and damp at the time, but not freezing or flooded. We watered it weekly and gave it the usual mulch and bonemeal when planting. Little did we know that this summer would turn out to be so dry, so by June we began watering once a week, then twice with a can full each time. 
Now the needles have turned brown and are beginning to drop and we are concerned that it may be dying.  We know they do this in the Autumn but didn't expect needle drop in August.  Any comments appreciated - is this happening nationwide?  We don't have any other larch trees near us to be able to compare their behavour.


  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,466
    My larch trees are all still green, but they are about 50 years old and in a relatively damp part of the garden.  Other trees and shrubs are losing their leaves early and some bits look like it is already autumn, so your larch may well be doing the same. For a lot of things we won't know till next spring :/
  • Thanks for those reassuring words Buttercupdays. The tree is in sun for the first half of the day, then the sun disappears behind a wall and some trees.  I am keeping my fingers crossed - the tree has a sentimental value way beyond the £14.99 it cost to purchase.
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