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Name this rose

Good morning all, 

After seeing a picture this morning of a Chartreuse de parme rose in another post it reminded me very much of a rose which was growing in the back door of my cottage when I bought it. It is now about 8ft tall the flower looks very similar with very glossy dark leaves. Very strong typical rose (like rose soap) scent. It appears to be a very healthy specimen and rarely gets any black spot or disease and responds well to my limited knowledge of pruning! I normal get a few repeats of flowers throughout the summer . Does anyone know the name of it? @Marlorena seems to have an incredible knowledge of roses so I would be interested to hear what she thinks! 
Many thanks all x 


  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 8,346
    edited August 2018
    Hello... I hope it's as nice in Cornwall as it is up here in East Anglia once again, hot and sunny like it's been for so long I've forgotten what rain is....   thanks for mentioning me there... I would say your rose is the lovely 'Aloha'...  introduced in the U.S. by Eugene Boerner in 1949... and popular over here too ever since...   it's a Climbing Hybrid Tea rose...with a strong scent.. 

    There are other roses called  'Aloha' one bred by a German firm and introduced around 1990 but that's quite different to yours... and another which is an apricot colour..  
    Yours is the much better one...

    Incidentally, if you've heard of David Austin Roses, they're very popular if expensive, they have often used 'Aloha' in their breeding programmes...
    East Anglia, England
  • Wow! that was sooooo quick @marlorena thanks you that looks exactly the rose. Obviously the photo was taken in a much wetter season!!
  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 11,656
    That's a really beautiful rose - I want one of those!
    North East Somerset - Clay soil over limestone
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