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Climbing rose pruning

Tom68Tom68 Posts: 20
I bought a climbing rose (Madame Alfred Carriere) a few months ago and I’m a little confused on how to prune it.

I’m training it up a narrow wall and then along a couple of wire s over a doorway. There are three or four stems which in just a few months have grown by around 3m and these only need to grow another 2m before the plant has reached the length I’d like to keep it at. I’ve left these to grow, but they don’t seem to have side shoots, just leaves forming. Does this mean next year there won’t be any flowers, or will the side shoots and flowers all grow from the stems next year? 

I also keep getting more stems growing from the base of the rose, which I keep cutting off to try to keep the rose to put effort into the  main stems and stop it from getting bushy. Is this ok or will it start to hurt the plant? 

Lastly, do the flowers form everywhere on the plant every year or do they only form on the previous years growth?



  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699
    If you are trying to grow it up a narrow section before training over the arch of the door, you don't need to do much. I must admit, this rose is quite a vigorous rose for a door-way. I think they will be much more suited for a larger wall space if you can allow it.

    Since it is your first year, you are training the branches to the way you want it to grow. Don't worry about side branches at this stage. As the side shoots form, you can shorten them or even remove some excess stray branches. Just tie in the strong stems to form the main framework for the time being.
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