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What is eating my young Wallflowers?

Noticed this evening that many of my young Wallflowers in the greenhouse have had their leaves stripped. On the soil surface their appears to be green balls of chewed-up leaves? Never seen this.

Gardening. The cause of, and solution to, all of my problems.


  • Hi, 
    Sorry to hear about your wallflowers! Could this be cabbage white caterpillar damage? Wallflowers are brassicas and thus subject to the pests of that family. I think the green balls are their number 2s. 
    I'm keeping my wallflowers seedlings on the window ledge until a bit later in the season to try and safeguard against the high numbers of brassica pests (cabbage whites, flea beatles, cabbage stem weevils) outdoors at the moment.
    Kind regards.
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