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Plant / Trees Ideas to provide privacy next to arbour (pics included)



  • you could try bamboo but for goodness sake ensure you get a clump-forming one and not one that runs.  black-stemmed one here on welsh mountainside is 9 ft tall but only about 5 ft through after 15 years.
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    I'd agree with Marlorena.  Just how much time do you think your neighbours spend in their bedrooms gazing out at what other people are doing.   Also, how much time will you spend in your garden in the depths of winter?   Screening doesn't necessarily need to be evergreen.

    That said, pyracantha is an excellent sturdy, robust evergreen that can be trained on wires or trellis and, if bought small and planted well, will easily get higher than your fence and provide shelter and food for all sorts of beneficial insects and some birds.  The spring blossom and autumn berries will provide plenty of visual interest too.

    It will need little pruning except to remove stems that insist on growing out from the fence so won't challenge your gardening skills.  Before planting, you'll need to put some tensioned wires across your fence to tie it to or else a panel of that rusty wire mesh builders use for reinforcing concrete.  It can be cut to size to sit higher than your fence and is discrete and indestructible, unlike wooden trellis.   Available from builders' merchants.

    You'll need 2 or 3 to fill that gap.   Before planting, ensure the plants are thoroughly watered and that you add some good garden compost, well-rotted manure or bought soil conditioner to the bed so they get a good start.  tease out the roots a bit then plant at the same depth they were in their pots, back fill the hole and gently firm the soil around the roots and water well.

    You might also want to consider a repeat flowering rambling rose t o grow over the arbor.   David Austin offer quite a few - white, pink, yellow so go to their site and have a look.  Ramblers are easier to train than climbers but there are plenty of those that would suit if you prefer.

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