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Brown spots on potato haulm

I found spots on some of my potatoes today, though they must have been there a few days I guess. Google suggests brown spots, a sort of relative of blight, though one plant looks different to the others, and its neighbour has suddenly died back. Pics below for collective wisdom if I may...

This pic is of two adjacent wilja potatoes, planted a bit late and not grown very much, though possibly not helped by a lax feeding regime....the spots on the two plants look quite different

Underside of leaf on the first plant

Remains of deadish plant plus its neighbour

These two pics are Nicola potatoes that are about 20 yards from the wiljas. I haven't harvested them yet as we have been very busy and are about to go away for a week, so I plan to check the crop when we get back. Next to these are catrionas and they look fine

Hopefully someone will tell me I need to feed my poor crops more often and it isn't terminal.....


No longer newish but can't think of a new name so will remain forever newish.  B) 


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,384
    Regardless of the causes, those haulms all look like they've finished doing their job anyway and will no longer be feeding the tubers.  As you are going away, I would simply cut them all back to the ground now and harvest the potatoes when you get back.  Doing that will prevent Late blight or anything else nasty taking hold, running down the stems and affecting the crop.
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