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vikkih92vikkih92 Posts: 10
I am wanting to plant a Gunnera in my garden, my son has a fascination with prehistoric looking plants (was very upset when we dug the whole garden up including the ferns, they’ve grown back obviously). We have 150ft and am going to create an area under one of our tall evergreen type tree (tall tree with conifer textured leaves). I have only seen them growing around large ponds which we are not keen on building (we have a younger daughter so safety issue). Is there any way of growing and getting the huge leaf structure without it being next to a large amount of water? 


  • PosyPosy Posts: 3,601
    They like to grow in very wet soil or in shallow water. You could make a bog garden, with a deep area of moist soil that would be safe for the children but you would have to keep it wet and not forget it during dry spells and holidays!
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