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Wasps attacking my dog.



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    kathie51d said:
    ...  Why are wasps on this earth I believe they have no value in the scheme of things whatsoever.
    They're incredibly useful insects and we'd be in a pretty pickle without them ... they eat and therefore control the populations of aphids, flies and spiders and some of the caterpillars that eat our vegetables, on top of which they're important pollinators

    We try very hard not to disturb wasps in our garden and just let them get on about their business   :)
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  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,358
    I've got 2 wasp's nests in the chicken house, which has been vacant for a few months as the 2 remaining chickens prefer to camp in the garage/feed store.
    I want to get some more hens, but trying to work out how to do it, if the wasps stay in residence till the late autumn. Only found out about them when I went in to clean up in preparation for new birds! The nests are beautiful, one conical and one round.
    We've had nests before and not been stung, even though we brushed past one in a conifer on a daily basis, without knowing it was there till winter rains brought it down!
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,187
    @karen paul my friend's dog was stung by a dozy wasp a couple of weeks ago. He's okay now, but l wondered if any of the suggestions worked on your lovely girl?  
  • If you do put vapour rub on your dog's face make sure she can't lick it cos it's toxic to dogs.
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    I doubt the dogs tongue could reach the eyebrows.
    SW Scotland
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