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Bad tasting raspberries

Hello, I’m looking for advice on bad tasting raspberries. The plants and fruit look fine however they taste like metal! I put well rotted manure on them in spring and other than water during the hot weather, I have left them to their own devices. What has gone wrong?

with thanks. 


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 15,857
    Do you know what variety they are?
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  • RaspberryKillerRaspberryKiller Richmond, LondonPosts: 156
    Nutrient imbalance in the soil?
  • RaspberryKillerRaspberryKiller Richmond, LondonPosts: 156
    Do you know what variety they are?

    Perhaps Rubus Metallica

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  • AjenickAjenick Posts: 4
    I’m afraid I dont, they came with the house! I’ve worked out they are autumn fruiting as they are just ripening now. Perhaps need to rip them out and start again? 
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