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    Mm, usually where a fence is obligatory it is explicit in the deeds (I've come across it where land for a new house borders existing farmland. It is made the responsibility of the new home owner to maintain a stock-proof fence around their own property). To make a universal law obliging every homeowner to immediately repair a broken fence would be unenforceable in the UK. The cause of the damage could be the neighbour demanding the repair in hostile situations. Just keep wrecking the fence and demanding they fix it would be a game plenty of people would enjoy. And an awful lot of properties have 'party wall' arrangements which would be a significant complication. And also you'd have to state in law a minimum standard to which the repair must be made, but how would that be worded to avoid an inadequate fence being replaced with another equally inadequate one? And then there's the problem of pets.

    Ultimately you have to take responsibility for the safety and security of your own premises. That may require you to shift the neighbour's timber off your land if he's uncooperative and does require that you provide your own fence to your own satisfaction with regard to safety for your family. I can't see how legally it could ever be otherwise.
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