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Problem: French beans not ripening properly (Blauhilde)

RAB99RAB99 Posts: 2
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Anyone know why my purple climbing beans are not ripening fully - can it just be the dry conditions?  Plants are growing well with many rich green leaves and in last couple of weeks beans setting on the many flowers.  But whilst they growing to 10cm / 4" in length, practically all are remaining flat and not fleshing out at all.  Leaving them a few days means the seeds in the pod become visible so already past their best.
I'm already watering in the evening every 2-3 days - do they need even more, here in the Midlands.  What else could be wrong?  Thanks


  • It sounds as if you are not giving them enough water. Dig down near where they are  growing to see if the soil is damp lower down. They are very thirsty plants. I have some growing amongst my runner beans and they have been cropping for a couple of weeks now, they are the longest I have ever grown and they seem to enjoy the heat but I am watering heavily every couple of days. I did dig a pit and fill it with veg. waste before planting the beans around the edge. I left the middle of the pit lower and water into the hollow to avoid the water running away from the roots. 
  • RAB99RAB99 Posts: 2
    Thanks. These seem more demanding than prior years runners! I wonder now, can I catch up the watering to bulk up the many existing small beans. Or do I pick them off now and wait for hopefully, completely new fatter ones to develop in their place?
  • purplerallimpurplerallim LincolnshirePosts: 4,633
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    Keep watering and see. Mine are watered dayly, twice a day when it hits 29/30° Only a  couple of pints but they seem to thrive on it. Don't forget to feed.Just looked again at your pics and those beans are full size so will only go woody if left.
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