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harmonyharmony Posts: 370
Hi, I have been digging over this small dappled shady area and i'm wondering what to put in here. I would love a potentilla like the one in the bottom pic but thats in full sun so not sure it would be suitable. I want something to add more colour in the spring/summer months. Also the Rozanne's x 3 in the pic were put in last summer as baby's and I know they spread so how long before they get overcrowded. I was thinking of leaving one where it is and finding another spot for the other two maybe even putting them in large pots. Thanks..


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699
    edited July 2018
    It all depends on what is classed as over-crowded. I once had over 50 plants in an area that is no more than 2 feet in depth of a border. Looking at your photos, it depends on your soil type. On heavier soils, they spread slowly, but in loose soil, in two to three years they will triple their current size. 

    I think that space would suit Gillentia Trifoliata if you don't have alkaline soil. Lovely airy flowers from spring into summer and foliage changing into a fiery red in autumn.

    I wouldn't recommend Potentilla there if you have less than 4-5 hours of sun.
  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 13,732
    A Hosta would look nice.
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