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I need advice on cutting back raspberry plants please! I bought 3 potted raspberry plants in June and have had some fruit from them (looks like more to come). It appears that all the growth (which is fruit bearing) is coming from along the length of a few woody stalks (about 30cm high). So, I’m not sure what to cut back! As the growth is actually coming from the woody stalks it would appear that I can’t cut these woody stalks back to the base as there would be nothing to grow next year! There are a couple of little suckers around the base so, is it these that I leave? Help! 


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,574
    Yes, you cut out the fruited stems, leaving the new growth from the base. This years new growth will have fruit on next year.  They don't do that well in pots, so I would try and get it in the ground as soon as you can dig it. Mine is like concrete at the moment.
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