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hi, does any one know (or has seen) if shops  sell pumpkin plants? My daughter picked up a pack of seeds with determination to grow them (baring in mind it’s almost August) and won’t take no for an Answer. She’s just found her green thumb and would like to keep her spirits up about it. Thanks in advanced 


  • It really is the wrong time to sow pumpkins seeds now - April - June would be best. I am sure the seeds will keep (if packet is unopened) until next year. Your daughter should look on the back of the seed packet for those that indicate they can be sown in July/August time like winter lettuce, salad leaves, raddish or kohl rabbi.  I am sure other forum users can recommend other veg. seeds that can be sown now.
  • Jason-3Jason-3 Posts: 391
    Unless you can get a well established plants with flowers on it...its too late. By the end of July you realy need to already have established  fruits. Pumpkins take seveal months to grow and ripen
  • FlowerNewbieFlowerNewbie Posts: 153
    That’s what I’m hoping to find, somewhere that will sell an established plant. I’ve never seen a pumpkin plant in stores though, was hoping someone has seen one somewhere. 
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    They are usually in the garden centres in May, along with other tender plants like Tomatoes. I had a random one pop up under the sweet peas. I assume it has come out of the home made compost I put in the soil. It is rampaging along and has just one female flower, but I doubt it will get big enough  to be of any use this year.
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    Ok, thank you 😌 I’ll maybe just need to make sure next year I have things she could be interested in. 
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    i will give you one.....mine are growing out of control!!! Lol
  • FlowerNewbieFlowerNewbie Posts: 153
    Honestly if I could I would. She’s out checking it every day to see if it has a pumpkin yet 😂😓
  • Flower why not let her plant a couple of seeds explain its probable to late to have any pumpkins this year but at least it will keep her interest.

    Pumpkins should be at this stage by now.

    And do you have the space the plant itself can get to be a large plant needs loads of water and feed.

    If you want any help let me know  :) Good luck
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    Why not see if she would grow radishes? They are round and brightly coloured like pumpkins, just a bit smaller!
     If you tell her that pumpkins need nearly a year to grow, starting early spring, because they are so big, she might be able to understand. Tell her radishes are quicker because they are small, but she can still watch them grow fatter - or try the long white ones.
    There will be winter cabbage plants at the GC, you could see how big yours get...
  • FlowerNewbieFlowerNewbie Posts: 153
    We have planted a couple seeds but obviously hardly anything is happening. I’m hoping once the sunflowers open at least, that could distract her. We had lots of fun eating all the strawberries so now that she’s eaten them all she found the seeds in a shop and decided she wanted those lol. I found round looking carrots I’m hoping that can keep her interested, and I’ll also have a go at radishes too, thanks. Those pumpkins look amazing! Anything else we can try?  
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