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New turf lawn

Looking to turf this area after some building work. Have raked it 3 separate times as it is really stoney. A couple of big stones remain which I'm doubtful I can get out - may be visible on one picture. Am intending adding topsoil, try to level it as best I can and then a few days later lay the turf in a brickwork style. Does that sound about right?


  • Dave HumbyDave Humby HampshirePosts: 1,142
    Sounds fine Fox but I would wait till later in September before laying turf in the conditions we have now. Where you have the big stone(s) this area will dry out earlier in dry conditions and the grass with lighten earlier than other areas but it will recover. Assuming you are having the turf level or thereabouts to the sleeper edge then you won't be adding much topsoil.

    It's such a small area (from what we can see) so have you considered an alternative ground cover? Would save the mowing. 
  • FoxosimoFoxosimo Posts: 48
    Ok thats great, thanks. Yes I'm not adding much topsoil and was going to hold off laying the turf until the heatwave passes. Not sure what alternatives I could use?- it seems quite hard and rocky soil to plant things. Also that's the immediate view from bifold doors behind which is a larger garden so trying not to obscure the view 
    ,etc. Welcome any suggestions
  • Foxosimo, it's such a small area for grass, which often seems like the lowest maintenance option but frequently isn't.  I think, if you want it to look tidy and neat, getting a mower out frequently and then strimming/or hand trimming all the edges, sweeping up clippings, etc, is going to drive you nuts - it would me anyway!

    In the longer term, I think low, evergreen ground cover, perhaps underplanted with lots of spring bulbs, would be nicer and far lower maintenance.  Ground cover plants are diverse and there will be many that fit the bill depending upon your taste and the aspect, sun/shade, of the area.
  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 ManchesterPosts: 5,150
    Does the area get stepped on as you exit the doors?
    If not I like blameitonthedog's idea of evergreen ground cover, underplanted with bulbs.

    A collection of mossy saxifrages would look good. A mass of crocus bulbs would be very pretty in the spring and the leaves aren't too tatty as they die back.
  • FoxosimoFoxosimo Posts: 48
    Some really helpful comments. This is an area that doesn't get stepped on. Am rethinking a total turf covering. Any suggestions for evergreen ground cover? Thanks, this is very helpful and appreciated.
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