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  • BLTBLT Posts: 525
    I feel for all of us trying to grow decent onions.. Yesterday I lifted a block of onions as the top growth was like dead straw... The yeild for approx 100 sets was only 2lbs of onions suitable as pickling onions or for replanting as sets in Sepyember !! These were Japanese yellows and Ailsa Craigs but even grow over a trench of poultry manure, I am shocked.
    Yes a few did divide.. My other plot is in a raised bed and there are 4 varieties there the best ones so far I think are White Lisbons, the red onions are smaller and the Squirrels seem to pinch most of those..   I did have a lot of Garlic because the soil covers the bulbs so maybe protected them from the heat..  All we can do iskeep trying..
  • I have given up trying to grow garlic in the garden and grow it in large containers, the only way to get half decent bulbs in my soil. I only planted out a dozen onion plants grown from seed. I am pleased with the results so far, as long as they do not rot off as some of the necks are too thick for my liking. The tops are still green so still time for the bulbs to grow bigger if the warmth continues. Fingers crossed, I can only live in hope.
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