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Erysimum Bowle's Mauve

1634 Racine1634 Racine Posts: 568
Hi Everyone.  I'm growing this for the first time this year and it's been a bit of a love/hate relationship.  Certain days I have admired its elegant purple spires, whereas others the whole thing has just looked a bit straggly and untidy.

The flowering even seems to be fizzling out a bit now despite some regular deadheading.  One of the plants even has some yellowing leaves and looks on its way out.  

I've not really watered them during the dry spell.  They look like they should be drought tolerant but perhaps that it is.

Does Erysimum benefit from a haircut at this time of year to get some fresh new growth for Autumn?


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699
    I would recommend you do cut down even if there are still some flowers. Each plant responds differently to their environment. I reckon the dry hot weather would end their flowering time as with many plants.

    I have had no success with these plants in the past and have been told that due to not pinching out when they were very young, going into the summer, the plants died in midsummer because I also didn't deadhead. They just ran out of steam.

    It's annoying when I keep hearing how others are saying their plants cannot stop flowering. Even though they are drought tolerant, I would still water them if temperatures are above 25 degrees. Would be interested to see what others do.
  • 1634 Racine1634 Racine Posts: 568
    @Borderline Thanks for the advice.  I think I will give them all a trim and see what happens.  Would not be the end of the world if they do decide to give up the ghost.  
    I have one in a south facing garden. I haven’t watered it once this summer and it is indeed flowering non stop.  I do deadhead every couple of days though and also trim off any growth that looks odd - yellowing or growing at different angle etc, to keep it in a decent shape. 
  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,404
    Most important thing is to take cuttings, so you can replace them, as they are short-lived plants. They do not set seed so deadheading is not vital.
  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,145
    I think these are over-rated. Yes, they flower for a long time and the insects like them but they're shapeless and straggly in the main. I prefer something with more substance.

    In the sticks near Peterborough
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